10 Kitchen Essentials Every Mom Needs


I often get asked which kitchen items are essential? So here is a list of my Crazy Busy Mama 10 Kitchen Essentials Every Mom Needs. I have so many favorites in my kitchen, I'd love to hear from you what you think is missing….

  1. Meat Masher

I use this meat masher daily! I have 3 so I never not have one available. I use them for ground beef, scrambled eggs, shredding chicken and the list goes on. This is hands down the most used kitchen gadge in my kitchen.

2. Cheese Shredder

Shredded Cheese has never been so easy! I am obsessed with this one! It's easy to assemble and store and even dishwasher safe. This little gadget has saved us money too! I believe every household would benefit from this one. I have used it over and over again in my Crazy Busy Mama recipes. Perfect for Taco Rice Bowls!

3. 5.5 Quart Saute Skillet

This is more of a cookware item, but I use it multiple times a week I decided to add it to my TOP 10. It is perfect for one post skillet meals like this delicious ONE POT SMOKED SAUSAGE SKILLET PASTA. Trust me, if you are cooking for family this skillet is a must! No more spill overs…Perfect size when cooking for a family!

4- Meal Prep Bag Holders

These are awesome for meal prepping! They are a third hand in the kitchen when you need it and perfect to help you put together those dump and go slow cooker meals. Just place the storage baggie under the clips to hold it open while you put the ingredients in. Don't forget to seal, then label them with the date and dinner item.

Crazy Busy Mama Tip: Spend one day a week prepping a few meals to throw in the fridge or freezer and you will be so glad you did! One hour in the kitchen prepping will save you hours throughout the week not to mention, a ton of mind stress! Schedule it you will be so glad you did. And when you do you will love these little Meal Prep Bag Holders to help in the process!

Looking for easy slow cooker meals? Check out CBM 30 Slow Cooker Meals for immediate download to help you get planning today! Just think about it, 30 meals already planned out- that is an entire month of meals you don't have to think about! Total Crazy Busy Mama Win!

5- Vegetable Chopper

This is amazing for a quick easy chopped salad and even my favorite the Italian Chopped Salad!

This chopper has a variety of uses but the easy chop is my favorite feature!

6- Better Breader XL and Better Breader Bowl

Tired of all the mess when it comes to frying? This is a game changer! Say goodbye to the mess and yes to the Better Breader, trust me you will love it! I use it all the time when breading or battering chicken or fish. Love it for my Doritos Crusted Chicken Bites

And the best part is, it is dishwasher safe too!

The XL is great for large families and the Bowl is perfect for smaller portions. Choose which size works best for your family, you will love it!

This is below the XL:

And this one below is the Bowl and even includes and attachment for the Onion Blossom Maker

7. Bacon Tray and Bacon Wheel

Microwavable Bacon? Um…YUP! And yes its crispy too! Ok this is so awesome to have if you just want a few pieces of bacon at at time, however I will say the wheel holds up to a pound of bacon at a time and I use it all the time for BLT night with the family! Its little kitchen gadgets like this one that help so much on those Crazy Busy Nights or Mornings! Not to mention, great for teens to use when they want to cook up a few pieces instead frying it up on the stove top.

Tray for a few pieces:

Wheel below: Holds up to a pound of bacon, and yes I have given it the test!

8- Pancake Dispenser

Who loves the perfect sized pancakes every time? My husband turned me on to this one. He is the pancake maker in the house and is obsessed with this one. Holds up to 4 cups: Easy to control how much batter you want dispensed. And its also pancakes without all the mess. Also easy to clean!

This will be your weekend favorite, I know it is ours!

9- Family Size Fasta PastaFasta PastaRamen Fasta Pasta

This fasta pasta is awesome for not having to watch the stove top! If you have young kiddos and are busy doing laundry and other things while trying to make dinner, this one will be your best friend. Also, great option for young teens learning to cook. It doesn't require the stove to be turned (we have gas so I think about this often especially when I am not home) on and they can do it all on their own which is a perk!

There is a Large Fasta Pasta for 8 servings: for bigger families, the original fasta pasta for up to 5 servings and even a Ramen cooker for those college students! I mean how many of us when to college and lived on Ramen! Ha If only they had this back in the day it would have been so helpful!

Family Size Fasta Pasta Below

The Original Fasta Pasta

Ramen Fasta Pasta

10- Salt & Pepper Shaker

Automatic Salt & Pepper Shaker – love these for a one hand operation. They also look nice out on counter.

Do you have something you would add to your Top 10 Kitchen Essentials Every Mom Needs ? I have so many more I love, but this is a condensed down version of my tops!

10 Kitchen Essentials Every Mom Needs: Recipes

You will find me using many of these kitchen essentials in a variety of my recipes. here are a few-

Creamy Beef Pasta

Taco Rice Bowl

Chopped salad

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