Lebanon Candle Company

The only Candles we use are from Lebanon Candle Company!

As a crazy busy mama, I love unique, fun, healthy, and local products I can support! These especially make for fun gifting! We love Lebanon Candle for many reasons here are a few:


 Lebanon Candle Company offers hand-poured Soy candles & Soy melts. Our candles & wax melts are hand-poured in small batches on our family farm in​ Lebanon, Missouri. ​We use 100% natural soy wax proudly produced by American farmers. Our candles are made with an all-natural cotton wick for a toxic-free candle. Our candles are slow burning offering up to a 100-hour burn time depending on the jar size and scent. We carefully craft every item we sell.

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Why Lebanon Candle Company?

ALL NATURAL-​  Soy wax candles & melts are natural since they’re made from  vegetable oil(soybeans). Paraffin candles & melts are made from petroleum oil.

CLEAN BURN​-​  Soy candles offer a clean burn with no black soot. Keep your wick  trimmed with each lighting and you will have no black soot as you enjoy your  candle.  

SLOW BURN​–  Soy candles offer a longer burn time, averaging 50% longer the  Paraffin wax.  Our candles offer up to 100 hours burn time.    

NON TOXIC​-  Soy candles & melts are non-toxic, have a lower melting point, and  release no known carcinogens into the air. Compared to paraffin candles, soy  wax candles & melts are an healthier option for humans, pets, and the  environment.  


We pride ourselves on offering a large variety of scents from the traditional to the unheard of scents. Lebanon Candle Company offers the traditional Mulberry and Vanilla scents, but we also offer unique scents such as Cool Ranch Doritoz, Fruit Loops, Unicorn Farts, and Burnt Tire Rubber in 100% Soy candles and melts.

Coupon Code: CrazyBusyMama