Ritz Cookies


Easiest Holiday “Non-Baking” there is!!

Check out this NO Bake cookie! It’s so easy to put together and one of the kids favorite to make & eat! 

We used chocolate and white chocolate, but think of all the possibilities here! And I know we all have Christmas on my minds but you could put any color of a holiday twist on these!

I mean look at all these sweet holiday baking memories!! (Don't mind the messy pantry…its real life here!)And to heck with clean and organized we are baking up some memories here!

These are memories that I will cherish for a lifetime and I know I’m not alone in this!! It is my hope my girls will remember them fondly too!

I mean how sweet is this, just makes my heart so happy! So it’s the absolute perfect Crazy Busy Mama holiday baking recipe there is! 

Not to mention, so easy, you could gift these to your neighbors for Christmas! 

If you haven't made this you must! They are so simple and fun!

Here is how we did it: 


Ritz Crackers – I just grabbed the big box

Peanut butter – creamy is best

Melting wafers (or candiquick) – milk chocolate & white 

Sprinkles – All the holiday sprinkles! You can also use up a lot of you old sprinkles too!


Line the biggest sheet pan you have with parchment paper ( trust me easy clean up this way)

Sandwich ritz with peanut butter and dunk in melting wafers add sprinkles & place in freezer for 5 mins to set up 

That is it! Truly that simple!

For those of you who love a video step by step tutorial check it out below!


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