Little Smokies Christmas Wreath


I mean who doesn’t love Little Smokies? So why not make them in to a festive spread for the holidays? Let’s turn those boring little Smokies into a Christmas wreath for all to enjoy !! 

Super simple to do and doesn’t take much effort and it will elevate your holiday spread and make the kids happy all the same time ! 

Super kid friendly recipe and why not get your kids to help in the kitchen building those precious memories !! 

Just need a few things:

Here is how I did it. 


Two cans of crescent rolls 

Two packages of little Smokies (or one large) 

Favorite dipping sauce  

(we just used ketchup) 



Take each individual, smoky and section off each crescent roll and two and wrap them. Should make approximately 32. Bake at 3:50 for 15-20 minutes until Golden Brown once out of the oven let them cool and place them on a round platter and a circular form creating a circle. I love this line of vintage style Christmas

Then grab a small dish for dipping sauce add your favorite into the dish place in the middle. I love these little ramekins they not only work for the holidays, but work from all year round and are perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day or even Mother's Day!

Then take sprigs of rosemary and add to the bottom to mimic Evergreen for the wreath.

Easy Peasy, Holliday, favorite and no time at all !! Talk about a Crazy Busy Mama, WIN for all!!

For those of you who love a step by step there is a video below ?? 

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