Christmas Tree Pancakes


Everybody of every age loves Pancakes. Don't they? So why not put a twist on them for the holidays and make Christmas pancakes!! No special tools required, and you probably have everything already in your kitchen to make these for a fun holiday breakfast!! 

Imagine your kids coming down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast and seeing these fun Christmas pancakes !! They will, for sure, put a smile on their face, and any adults in the house will fall in love with them too!!

So, without further ado, here is how I did it … 


Pancake mix (any will do) 


Pure Vanilla: And a surprise key ingredient vanilla extract trust me if you haven’t tried this before it makes a world of difference in your pancakes! I personally love Sava comes from Madagascar its delicious and you can use code:LORI10 to save! You can grab some with the discount code or use any vanilla you have.

Powdered sugar

White American Cheese

Blueberries ( or whatever you wish to decorate the trees with)

Star cookie cutter


Mix pancake per instructions on mix, then make the consistency more thin. Add more liquid if needed to achieve this. Mix will be more runny than thick you’ll want to be able to squeeze this out of the bag fairly easy, as these pancakes should be more thin! 

No doubt these would be easier with a piping bag so if you have one use it otherwise, a plastic baggie will do. Just make sure not to cut the hole too big! And make sure to secure the top so it doesn’t spill over. Like I did. ??‍♀️

Also, if you are making more than a few I highly recommend a griddle. It saves time for bigger family's like ours! We use ours all the time for breakfast especially! Here is the one I use and have had forever!

While the pancakes are cooking wash off berries and cut the cheese slices into stars with a cookie cutter.

Then once you are ready to plate, garnish tree with blueberries ( or whatever you choose) and the cheese star tree topper.

Drizzle with warm maple syrup and sift powered sugar over the top to make it look like freshly fallen snow.

I absolutely love doing things like this throughout the holiday season. It truly makes my house a home. It’s when we turn our house into a home we create long lasting memories and stories, our kids will tell to their kids one day!! At least, that is my dream. You don’t have to go overboard. It’s just the little simple touches like this they will remember forever.

For those of you who love a step-by-step tutorial here is a video for you below.

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Christmas Tree Cheese Wedge

Laughing Cow Cheese wedge turned into a Christmas tree? Yup!! Who loves all the holiday treats but cringes…

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