Frosted Sugar Cookie Martini


This one’s perfect for entertaining. It has such a festive twist on it. This martini consist of equal parts.

Here is how I did it:

Frosted Sugar Cookie Martini 


Vanilla Vodka 




Vanilla frosting and sprinkles, for rimming the glass


In shaker full of ice pour in equal parts of vanilla vodka, Amaretto and  Rumchata

Don’t you love by shaker? I saw it and just had to have it … I have it linked here

Using vanilla icing rim martini glasses until covered generously. Then roll around on second plate with sprinkles until you get that covered on all sides.  I use the variety of Christmas sprinkles so I can get the different textures. Take shaker and  pour in the glass and get ready to serve this deliciousness such a tasty and festive drink.


For those of you who love a step by step video here is one for you. 

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