Snowman Cold Cocoa – Iced Coffee


I love all these fun little extras I can do for my kids over the holiday and winter season! Especially when they are this easy! These bring a smile to any face even after the holiday season is long gone. I mean who doesn't love Frosty?

My kids love cocoa of any kind so I decided to make these cold cocoas with my hot cocoa mix but instead leave the milk ice cold! It’s really that simple! 

I suppose you can substitute any drink in here … think chocolate milk or even an iced coffee for those teens or you! I mean why not? You deserve a special treat too! 

Ok … here is what you need. 


Sharpies – black and orange 

Clear cups – I love these cold brew to go cups –

Marshmallow Fluff – Use spoon to make body and head of snowman

Whip Cream 

Cocoa Powder (for top of Whip Cream)

Cocoa Mix or whatever drink you decide to put in cup 

Here is a step by step picture tutorial on creating the snowman :

Grab a spoon and dip in Marshmallow creme and make one large oval for bottom and another circle for top or head. Once you make the body with marshmallow creme grab those sharpies and create the top hat, coal eyes and buttons and that orange sharpie for the carrot nose!

Now add the contents to cup and a generous amount of whip cream to the top sprinkle with cocoa powder and they are ready to enjoy!

It’s that simple! You will have so much fun creating these. I mean look at those smiles! It is truly the perfect after school snack!

And for those who love a video tutorial here is one just for you! 

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