Candy Cane Caprese Salad


Are you tired of all the sweets at Christmas time and around the holiday season? I hear ya! I mean don't get me wrong, love me some sweets but start to really crave more fresh during this time, and I am a lover of Caprese salad so I thought why not incorporate it into the holiday season too?

Wouldn't this be the cutest on that holiday spread giving a not so sweet option to those looking to eat a little healthier during the Christmas season? Or if anything it will give you a healthy side to that plate piled full of holiday goodness. Kinda equals it out? hahaha well, that is what I tell myself anyway!

Its so simple to put together! And when you put it on a nice wooden board really elevates your holiday spread! Can't you just see this nestled in with meats and cheese and all things charcuterie? OH YUM! Ok, here is how I did it!


Tomatoes ( i used Roma)

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese – (I used the pre sliced log)

Fresh Basil

Olive Oil -( I love the Basil and the Garlic infused but you can use regular too!) you can snag some infused oils * balsamic here- they are my favorite! Not just great for this recipe but marinades, infusing water, mock-tails and more!

Balsamic Glaze – I love the pomegranate on this! Absolutely delicious! Again, you can find it here

*for infused olive oils & balsamic let them know Crazy Busy Mama sent you by using discount code: CrazyBusyMama

Freshly Cracked Peppercorn & Pink Himalayan


Slice tomotaes

Unpackage the sliced mozzarella

Fresh Basil spring throughout the cane and board

drizzle on olive oil and balsamic

Fresh cracked pepper and Pink Himalayan salt

Love these little battery operated salt & pepper shakers!

Now pair it with some crackers, I used sea salt Triscuits and enjoy a light lunch or fun appetizer spread this season!

For those who love a step by step video tutorial, I have one linked for you below!

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