“Frosty” Snowman Donuts


Do you want to build a snowman? This fun festive dessert or treat (or heck even breakfast) Has me remembering the time we saw the movie Frozen in the theaters many years ago!  

This is the perfect non baking holiday treat to do with your kids!! 

As a Crazy Busy Mama, I know how precious time is with your kids. And when I reflect on the holidays one of the most treasured memories I hold dear are the times I spent baking in the kitchen with my kiddos. However, I understand how stressful this can be too! So when I have a “non baking” holiday treat to put together I just have to share. 

Your kids will love this “Frosty the Snowman” Donut treat and you will love it even more because it’s so simple! And you can build a snowman together without having to bundle up and get all cold! So grab a cup of hot coca and let’s get building!

Here is how I did it:


Powdered Donuts

Mini chocolate chips 


Mini Reese’s cups (unwrapped ones) 

Pull apart red licorice 

White Frosting in a tube (you could also use black for the hat) 

Wooden Skewers 


Best to grab all building ingredients and put them on a tray for easy and fun building.

*I have this one and a few other seasonal boards linked here https://liketk.it/4nIJt they can be used for building or displaying!

1- take the wooden skewer and take 3 powdered donuts and layer them on the skewer. Push donuts down until there is a bit of the skewer sticking out (this is where you will put your mini peanut butter cup) 

2- dab a bit of frosting on the tip of the exposing skewer and place the mini peanut butter cup on top securing it in place 

3- take a dab of frosting in the middle of the top powdered donut and sort out m&m’s using the orange one and place the orange m&m over the dab of frosting securing it in place (this will be frosty’s face) 

4- take 2 mini chocolate chips and place them backwards for the eyes on the first donut above the nose (orange m&m) simply press them into the donut. Shouldn’t take much force at all for them to stick. You can use frosting to secure also, however mine stuck without so I decided to not use the frosting for eyes. 

5- then take about 5 inch of pull apart licorice and tie around the first two donuts making it look like a scarf 

6- set all your snowman on a board for display and I live to sift a little powdered sugar on top giving the appearance of freshly fallen snow. 

See how easy this is!? This would be a perfect addition to a fun charcuterie spread  (or should I say confectionery board) too! 

Serve with a side of hot coca & enjoy!

So tell me would you have these for dessert or breakfast? 

Your kids will be begging you to build a snowman! And you will gladly say yes because of how easy this one is! Below is a video tutorial for those who prefer it!

Enjoy making memories in the kitchen this holiday season!

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