Christmas Tree Cheese Wedge


Laughing Cow Cheese wedge turned into a Christmas tree? Yup!!

Who loves all the holiday treats but cringes at the thought of baking or trying to put them together? 

Well this one is a super easy way to get festive with very little effort and it’s absolutely amazing too! 

These cheese trees are a perfect addition to any holiday charcuterie board! A simple way to entertain in style! Or if you are asked to bring an appetizer this is a cinch to throw together last minute!

Only 3 simple ingredients and 3 simple steps!

Here is how:


Laughing Cow Cheese

(you can use any flavor or even a variety like I did. I used original & spicy Pepper jack) 

Pretzel sticks 

Everything Bagel Seasoning 


Take your everything bagel seasoning and put about 2 Tbsp down on a plate. Then unwrap each laughing cow cheese and dab the one side covering the piece of cheese. You don’t want to mess with it too much as this is softer cheese that could get messy. So handle quickly. May even pour seasoning over the top of the cheese too. 

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Once covered, take the pretzel stick and place it in to bottom the triangle. 

Arrange on a platter & enjoy!  

Yup that’s it! 

Serve on a board with extra pretzels or even a variety of crackers and you will be for sure the talk of the party! You could even garnish the board with rosemary or cranberries to make it even more festive! 

For those of you who love a tutorial, here is one below! 

Happy creating!!


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