Struggle with Negative Mind Chatter? Try This.


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Struggle with Negative Mind Chatter? Try This. I often get asked… very odd questions: what I would consider borderline mean questions … why my voice is annoying or why I talk out of the side of my mouth … did I have a stroke… what’s wrong with me?

I have been full transparent with you at times how difficult it is to be in the public eye at times. I mean everyone has an opinion don’t they!? 😝 Don’t get me wrong I do love what I do because I know I am helping other families like me and this is what matters … but at times I have to choose love in spite of.

I am not sharing for sympathy… really I have thick skin & I am good! However, those voices after a bit start to penetrate… and I know I am not alone!

So I want to share in hopes you are feeling the same and I might be able to inspire just one 🤍

So how do we combat those loud voices… the ones that try to tell you all the lies?

Get rid of those loud voices in your head! I struggle with this, and I a know I am not alone! First identify them… know they are not from HIM!

The funny thing is the LOUD is always a lie! Its a distraction… nothing other than a cover up. The loud has to be so loud it covers the Truth!

But here is what I am come to know…

The LOUD voices are satan
And the Whispers are from GOD

You have to clear distractions in your life and get rid of unnecessary noise.
BE STILL … He says : Then you will be able to hear His still small Voice!! The one & only Truth!

So, How do you combat them?

Be Still!!!

So my reminder to you is if you have those LOUD voices like I do… or identities that you are clinging on to that are not from HIM. Know that you were created to be not enough… so that you could be enough in Him! When we depend on Him for our identity & truth that is where we find freedom from those voices!

Your flaws… the ones people like to point out, all the things your are insecure about are actually your strength! For you were created Flawsome for a purpose my friend! Embrace those “flaws” and know you are awesome regardless!

Chin up & Don’t you dare forget to be 𝙁𝙇𝘼𝙒𝙎𝙊𝙈𝙀!

-CBM 💗✝️

Here are my morning ☕️ 💭 if you wanna join the convo 💗

Struggle with Negative Mind Chatter Try This.

This is my first share of a morning coffee chat and the topic, Struggle with Negative Mind Chatter is important for us moms! I do these every morning and would be happy to have you join me. Follow along on any of my stories on my social media.

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Struggle with Negative Mind Chatter? Try This.

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Struggle with Negative Mind Chatter? Try This. is my first attempt to share some of my deeper thoughts from my heart. I hope you enjoy this and if you do, please share with someone who may be blessed by reading this.

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  1. You are precious and beautiful! Are we awesome moms 💯 of the time? Of course not but we try to be!! My children are grown and married and have blessed us with grandboys! Now I’m trying for “flawsome” Gigi! All stages are best cause that’s what we are in RIGHT NOW. Thank you for your recipes and encouragement. You are a blessing to all who are open to receiving it. Those that aren’t open, well… Satan has taken hold and they need prayer.
    Hugs to you❤️❤️❤️

  2. Lori, thank you so much for this sweet message over coffee this morning! I really needed it and didn’t know how badly! God is totally using you to be light in this dark world we live in. Keep on keeping’ on! Love it!

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