Gratitude Challenge


 November ! ??? is in full swing & it’s the month that we are all reminded to be Grateful! 

Will you join me on my FREE challenge with your Gratitude Pumpkin!? 

You may be a wee bit behind, but there is no such thing in being too late to be grateful ! Wether you have your Christmas tree up and are singing Christmas Carols or still in full swing Fall vibes … November is the month for Thanksgiving & being Grateful! ???

I am going to be sharing all month long on my socials my families Gratitude Pumpkin in hopes that it will encourage you to jump in with us! So make sure to tune into my daily stories on socials for this. 

This pumpkin is not only a great visual but I truly believe that a grateful heart transforms everything! How you view life, how you interact with others, how you view yourself and even studies show how being grateful benefits your health! ? and friends if you are living and breathing right now reading this there is so much to be thankful for! 

So grab that pumpkin & sharpie and hop on this challenge with me!  And let’s get loud about changing the atmosphere in our home – take pics and tag me or someone you know doing that challenge and show what a transformed life of gratitude looks like!

I mean how fun would this be to pass around the table at Thanksgiving!? 



These are a family favorite of ours. We make them often for holiday gatherings. They are simple to…


  1. Love following you! You are fun, creative & enjoy all your recipes ? you are definitely a CBM…you just don’t stop! Cheers to you

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