Nutella Pastry Christmas Tree


Ok y’all have to make this it was absolutely delicious and perfect for Christmas too! Its an absolute gorgeous add to any holiday spread! Think breakfast charcuterie or even dessert confectionary board! So many possibilities with this one!

This one is a cinch… here is how I did it!


2 sheet of puffed pastry 

1 small jar of Nutella 

Powdered Sugar

Berries – I used Raspberries, Blueberries & Blackberries

1 Egg


Roll out both sheets and place a layer of Nutella between them 

Once together cut diagonally for shape of a Christmas tree 

Cut on each side all the way up and twist. I used a pizza cutter to slice through but you could also use kitchen shears as well!

I used a star cookie cutter to make a top for mine with the access dough  

Beat one egg slightly to create an Egg wash. Once put together you will want to baste the egg wash on top. This will give it a beautiful color when done baking.

Bake 425 for 10-12 mins 

*Crazy Busy Mama tip- use parchment paper on cookie sheet to bake so you can transfer easily after baked.

After it is done baking, garnish and decorate with berries as if they were ornaments and sift over the top of the tree powdered sugar to give it the look of freshly fallen snow. Then add a few twigs of Rosemary to the bottom of the tree and a few springs here and there all throughout the tree to add a but of color!

*thinking you could also add berries prior to baking as well! But I decided to use them as a garnish and keep them fresh. Totally up to you! If you decide to bake them with the pastry please let me know how that worked for you!

Every time I make this, it literally gets devoured! I might even wise up and do a little farm of trees with different fillings! Can you imagine raspberry preserves in one! OH MY, I bet that would be heavenly! So many fun possibilities with this one. And honestly, nothing is better than gathering around a festive holiday table enjoy delicious foods together. Even better, this one will be super easy to put together with your kiddos too!

For those who love a step by step tutorial, here is a video that I put together!

Isn't the cutest? Absolutely delicious and so easy too! Total Crazy Busy Mama win!

Serve on a wooden tray, add garnishes around it & Enjoy!


Mozzarella Cheese Tree

That cheese pull tho!!! Seriously love how easy these tree mozzarella balls are! ??  A perfect savory treat…

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