Little Debbie Christmas Tree Ice Cream Cake 


Any Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake lovers out there? If so, you have to make this ice cream cake you will not regret it!  Hands down a favorite for all in our household! 

Super simple to make and looks like you spent so much time putting it together. Perfect for holiday gatherings! 

Without further delay… here is how I did it!! 


Cool Whip 16 oz 

1 box of Cakes (reserve one for top)

1/2 gallon Vanilla Ice cream  

Sprinkles ( I used green & red to match) 


Grab an 8×8 

Big cool whip – save 1/3 for top Vanilla ice cream – 1/2 gallon

Crush cakes for bottom

then mix of cool whip & ice cream top with cool whip and add sprinkles to the top ( You can add them inside too if you would like)

This recipe makes 8×8

Double recipe for 9×13

Cover with foil and put in freezer overnight. Deep freezer if you have it. 

When ready to serve take it out of freezer and let set for about 5 mins and slice it with a hot knife (just run under hot water)

Then Enjoy!!! 


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