DIY Cocktail & Mocktail Bar Cart


Hosting New Year’s Eve this will be a perfect idea for you and your guests! Why not, Ring in the new year with style?

Let me help you create a DIY New Years Eve Bar Cart. These could include also include what I like to call mocktails which are non alcoholic mixed drink!

Super simple to display on bar cart … Don't have a bar cart. I have linked some fun ones here or you can also use a sofa table or kitchen island too!

Let me help you impress your guests with fun festive DIY mocktails or cocktails! Its all about the details and of course the recipes for the drinks too! But presentation is everything y'all!

Grab some inexpensive transparent plastic ball ornaments ( I got mine at Dollar Tree) but you can snag them here too along with other festive ideas all right here

Make sure to wash them out and grab a funnel to fill them up with each recipe so they are ready for your guests. 

Below are a few adult friendly drink recipes. Feel free to rename them to fit your festive needs. Would even be fun to have a chalk board like HERE Would be super fun to display the festive drink names. You can even make mocktail versions of these too! By simply replacing the alcohol with Canada Dry or Sprite and a splash of cranberry juice or sparkling water for lower sugar. Use different fruit juices with different flavors. Just get creative and have fun! 

Here is a close up of the drink prepared in the ornament ball ready for your guest to pour and enjoy!

You could even do one adult bar cart and one mocktail cart for all ages. Like shown here …. I would keep anything bubbly in a beverage tub so they can add to the juice cold and to make sure to add that fizz that we all love!

I love bar carts because they are a great way to entertain in style! I even put a bow on the front of mine to add a bit more of a festive flair!

This mocktail is amazing and it is the same as the Cranberry Martini (recipe below) but non alcoholic! This is a perfect one for all ages to enjoy!

This mocktail I am holding is a grapefruit one…just a splash of grapefruit juice with Canada Dry and garnished with grapefruit slices and mint! Absolutely delicious!

Whether you make a cocktail or mocktail don’t forget the garnishes for each that’s what makes them so fun. Rosemary, fresh fruits like cranberry, festive straws, rimming glass in sugar and of course edible glitter. Love this set that I have HERE

I mean doesn't the glitter make it gorgeous!?

Love how they all look so festive displayed on the bar cart.

Ok.. here is what you have been waiting for! Here are a few fun recipes you can use or help to get your creative juices flowing! 

Again super simple to turn any cocktails into mocktail by substituting as indicated above. Now let's get creating!

Cranberry Martini 

2 parts Titos Vodka

1 part Martini & Rossi 

Frozen cranberry for garnish 

Twig of rosemary 

Use funnel to place in ornament. 

Here is a “How To Video” just in case:

Santa Cocktail 

2 parts Malibu Rum

1 part Cranberry Ice (I used zero sugar)

Fresh or Frozen cranberries 

Twig of Rosemary 

Rim glass with sugar 

Use funnel to place in ornament

Another “How To Video” just in case:

Glitter Pom Martini 

2 parts Tito’s

1 part Martini & Rossi 

Pomegranate for garnish 

Twig of rosemary 

Use funnel to place in ornament

And again, Here is a “How To Video” just in case:

Just remember to have fun and get creative!

And if you are asking how I put that festive bar cart together…

Here is a quick over view “How To” video on how to put together a festive bar cart for New Years Eve or really any occasion!

So tell me, are you ringing in the New Year with a Cocktail or Mocktail this holiday season?

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