Practical Valentines Day Decor


I don't know about you, but I love to make my house a home. I look for every opportunity to do this when I can. So holidays are a no brainer to put up a cute TABLESCAPE like this or a fun Practical Valentine's Day decor like this one! And yes I call this practical because after all we are all Crazy Busy Mamas! So decorating with food is a no brainer, because I have four kids who are always hungry and food never goes to waste in this house.

Plus its super cute, right ?

Ingredients & Materials Practical Valentines Day Decor

  1. Small to medium size Glass Jar – the one I used was from the Dollar Spot at Target
  2. Frosted Animal crackers- Valentine's Edition Puppy Love
  3. Parchment Paper

Step by Step Photos: Practical Valentine's Day Decor

Grab any size glass jar. I found this small one at the Target Dollar Spot. If you are looking for one or even to do a few sizes THESE would be perfect!

Take a piece of parchment paper and wrap around the inside of the glass jar.

Unpackage the frosted animal crackers, aren't they so cute?

You will want to sort all of the animal crackers into the same categories.

Then pick one up and with the help of your other hand, slide the cookies between the outside of the jar and the parchment paper like this.

Layering them the best you can. From shapes, sizing and color.

There are super cute puppies in this mix too!

Once you build around your first layer of animal crackers between the parchment paper and cookie jar, you will want to fill up the jar from the inside to help keep the outer layer of cookies in place. Fill middle of jar mid way and work your way around the jar to display the cookies then fill the center up again until full. My glass jar used 3 bags of frosted animal cookies.

Then when finished, you have this super cute Practical Valentines Day Decor!

Super simple practical and oh so cute!

Think of all the places you can put this cute jar!.

You can adorn your table with this cuteness, hutch or even at your coffee bar!

Now if you can just keep your hands off them until Valentine's Day! HA! or just enjoy them guilt free!

Its little things like this that help me make my house a home around each holiday. Super fun, inexpensive and practical too! Such a winning moment for every Crazy Busy Mama! Hope you try this Practical Valentines Day Decor!

Video Tutorial Practical Valentines Day Decor

For those of you who love a good step by step video tutorial, here is one just for you!

And if you love what you see, please leave a comment below & give it a 5 star review so I know what fun holiday content and Crazy Busy Mama content to create for you in the future!  

Practical Valentine's Day Decor

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